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What is a smart card?
What is a semiconductor?
What is an IC?
What is a wafer?


Silone offers smart card packaging for a full range of Memory based products.

Our portfolio includes:

Serial Memory EEPROMs from 1 kilobit to 1 megabit are available in various smart card module designs. When more memory is required, we offer our 4 megabit Serial DataFlash¨ in smart card modules.

Secure Memory devices utilize a synchronous protocol and are available with 1 kilobit, 1.5 kilobit or 16 kilobit of EEPROM memory for embedded or smart card applications.

CryptoMemory® family of devices is the industry's first low cost, high security memory devices operating in both synchronous and asynchronous protocols. These devices will operate using the same T = 0 protocol as microprocessors but do not require an operating system, making them easier to program and giving faster times to market.